Coalition Member Spotlight: Winter 2016

Action for Reaction Students: Amber Speight & Beatrice Ogeh

What attracted you to join Action for Reaction?

A: I joined AFR because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of my classmates, whom I care about and want they to live a safe and happy. I met some good friends there that share my passion and we work hard to inspire that change. It is not just for the joy of helping others, but also for the desire to enjoy life without any inhibitors.

B: I joined AFR because I’d been looking for a way to get involved in my school, and I admired their dedication to the betterment of our community. One of my favorite aspects of AFR is that it’s a student-led group. Though we do have an adult advisor, there is an increased level of independence and responsibility among the members that’s very unique to this club. I also enjoy that AFR forces me out of my comfort zone. I’m not a natural public speaker, but this club frequently gives me the chance to exercise that skill. AFR has taught me how to communicate and work with others, as well as how to advocate for a cause that I believe in.

What AFR accomplishment are you particularly proud of?

A: I am the most proud of a campaign that we did last year since the students were talking about it and starting the figure out our hidden message about the misconceptions of alcohol.

B: I’m quite proud to have presented AFR’s cause to MN representatives Keith Ellison and Erik Paulsen (as well as the senator’s assistants) when we advocated for drug abuse prevention efforts. I never pictured myself doing anything like that.

What is one tip you have for parents/caring adults?

A: For parents or concerned adults, feel free to get involved in the community as the group for Partnership for Change does, or talk to students and let them know that you are encouraging their wellness.

B: Make an effort to communicate with your kids. The better the relationship you have with them, the more willing they will be to share their lives with you.

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