December Meeting Minutes

  • Randi Ordner, PrairieCare (Youth-Serving Organization)
  • Lauren Bul, Hennepin Regional Poison Center (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Dustin Chapman, Fairview Behavioral Services (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Donny Shope, Anthony Louis Center (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Shane Mikkelson, Osseo Police Dept. (Law Enforcement)
  • Cendee Palmer, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Jessica Wong, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Teresa Lunt (Parent)
  • LeeAnn Mortensen, North Memorial (Healthcare)
  • Lorry Day, Life Lines for Youth (Business)
  • Lindsey Smith, Regional Prevention Coordinator
  • Kristin Turner, Burlington Labs (Business)
  • Jen Holper, PrairieCare (Healthcare)
  • Kellace McDaniel, Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office (Law Enforcement)
  • Michelle Jones, North Memorial (Healthcare)
  • Amber Smith, North Memorial Partnership for Change (Healthcare)
Steering Committee Members Not in Attendance
  • Student, Action for Reaction (Youth)
  • Marie Maslowski, Maple Grove Hospital (Healthcare)
  • Lillian Abelson, Hennepin Co. Human Services & Public Health Dept. (State/Local Gov’t)
  • Krista Brenno, Osseo High School (Schools)
  • Kirk Hughes, Hennepin Regional Poison Center (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
Welcome & Introductions

Teresa called the meeting to order. Attendees introduced themselves.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the November minutes. Motion carried.

Our Vision Begins with You

Teresa and Amber presented slides and asked for participation from Our Vision Begins with You activity (view all slides here). Members were first asked to identify a pair of eyes on each slide (view worksheet here). Each pair of eyes match a coalition member who has dedicated their valuable time toward Partnership for Change’s work. Truly, the eyes are the window to the soul and our work! We understand that everyone has a different vision but we all intend to reduce youth substance use, together. This activity was followed up by a brief review of 2016 in-kind or match donations from community and coalition members. Our grant requires us to match 125% (plus any additional carryover dollars) of our federal funds, which we exceeded this past fiscal year. Members were then asked to pull out their phones to text-in anonymous answers to four questions:

  • In one word, what motivates you to be involved with Partnership for Change?
  • Name 1-3 things you have contributed in the past year to Partnership for Change’s progress.
  • In one word, what do you get out of participating in Partnership for Change’s work?
  • Reflect on what barriers have kept you from contributing. I would contribute more if…

Anonymous answers were displayed on the screen in real-time. Lastly, members were asked to check 1-3 items on the “what can I do to further our mission” handout that they are willing to commit to in 2017 (view summary here). Amber will begin reaching out – thank you in advance!

One-on-one Interviews

LeeAnn briefly reviewed history of one-on-ones and purpose of them. An updated spreadsheet was passed around. Attendees were invited to write down additional contacts to reach out to for coffee and conversation. One-on-ones are due to Linda Bosma by March 15, 2017. She will present findings at our May meeting. Amber will include the updated spreadsheet and interview guide in an email with meeting minutes and other items.

Community Partner Sharing
  • 2017 coalition meetings will continue on the 2nd Tuesday from 2 – 4p. Meeting location will remain the same through June, Osseo City Hall, Community Room B.
  • Teresa reminded members to view the updates provided on the backside of the agenda.
  • Dustin shared there is a new psych department downtown for 18-25 year-olds; 16 bed unit; specifically for co-occurring substance use disorder.
  • Jen shared there are three new doctors starting soon at PrairieCare. PrairieCare’s Annual gala is January 7th which will include a silent auction.
  • Lindsey shared an article in Americans for Nonsmokers winter update that discussed commercial marijuana and smokefree laws. The article suggested to ensure smokefree laws specifically address marijuana, as well as e-cigs. Amber contacted ANR for sample policy language. Contact Amber if interested in pursuing this action item.

Adjourned at 3:30 PM

Next Meeting is: Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 2p at Osseo City Hall, Community Room B, 415 Central Ave #1 – Warp Speed, Jessica Wong

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