February Meeting Minutes

  • Kristin Turner, Burlington Labs (Business)
  • Donny Shope, Anthony Louis Center (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Dustin Chapman, Fairview Behavioral Services (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Teresa Lunt (Parent)
  • Shane Mikkelson, Osseo Police Department (Law Enforcement)
  • Lorry Day, Life Lines for Youth (Business)
  • LeeAnn Mortensen, North Memorial (Healthcare)
  • Lauren Bul, Hennepin Regional Poison Center (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Lindsey Smith, Regional Prevention Coordinator
  • Randi Ordner, PrairieCare (Youth Serving Organization)
  • Guest Speaker: Linda Bosma, PFC Evaluator
Steering Committee Members Not in Attendance
  • Student, Action for Reaction (Youth)
  • Marie Maslowski, Maple Grove Hospital (Healthcare)
  • Lillian Abelson, Hennepin Co. Services & Public Health Dept. (State/Local Gov’t)
  • Krista Brenno, Osseo High School (Schools)
  • Kirk Hughes, Hennepin County Regional Poison Center (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Jessica Wong Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Jen Holper, PrairieCare (Healthcare)
Welcome & Introductions

Teresa called the meeting to order. Attendees introduced themselves and shared their least favorite household chore.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the December minutes. Motion carried.

2016 Minnesota Student Survey Results

Dr. Linda Bosma presented an overview of the 2016 MSS Data. Highlights include:

  • Reductions in 30-day alcohol use for all three grades (between 2013 & 2016. All lower than the state average, also! The same is true for tobacco.
  • Rates for e-cig use (past 30 day) is higher than the state average for all three grades.
  • Rates for marijuana (past 30 day) has decreased for PFC region since 2013 compared to the state.
  • Rates for Rx drug misuse (past 30 day) has decreased among 9th & 11th grades PFC students compared to the state.

Perception of Harm

  • Younger students are reporting high-perceived harm for alcohol, tobacco, & Rx drugs compared to 2013.
  • Fewer students in any grade regarding marijuana report risk of harm.
  • PFC area is lower than state and has decreased since 2013.
  • The same is true for perceived parental disapproval for marijuana.
  • Similar patterns exist regarding Rx misuse, tobacco, & alcohol.

Peer Disapproval

  • Increased for alcohol & tobacco fro PFC (2013-2016)
  • Stayed about the same for marijuana & Rx drug misuse.
  • Perceived peer disapproval of marijuana is lower than the state.

A suggestion was proposed to share the data with others. Possibly a proposed lunch and learn format. Another idea is to offer an overview of the data as a “thank you” for our school districts at a staff workshop day. It was also suggested to target middle school to engage students earlier. Teresa noted that the agenda will be amended to change the topic from 2016 Minnesota Student Survey Results to PFC – DFC Evaluation Year 2: Including 2016 MSS, Coalition Functioning Survey, & Law Enforcement Data.

One-on-one Interviews

LeeAnn gave an update on our progress to date. All interviews must be completed by March 15. LeeAnn will email updated numbers of surveys completed and remaining sectors needed to cover. We need more volunteers to conduct interviews! Please consider completing at least one interview.

Community Partner Sharing
  • Teresa reminded attendees that we are in the midst of a social media campaign push. Please like PFC on Facebook, follow on Twitter and Instagram. Please like, share, & retweet posts.
  • Teresa also shared that HF 926 (Rep. Metza – Virginia) and HF 927 (Rep. Applebaum – Minnetonka) have been introduced to legalize recreational marijuana in MN. Please personally share the Rocky Mtn HIDTA report, which details the impact of marijuana legalization on the state of Colorado with your legislators. The report can be found here: 2016 Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado – The Impact
  • Lauren shared that MN Poison Prevention week will be held March 19-25. “Educate Before You Medicate” is the theme.

Adjourned at 4 PM

Next Meeting is: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 2p at Osseo City Hall, Community Room B, 415 Central Ave #1

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