October Meeting Minutes

  • Teresa Lunt (Parent)
  • Randi Ordner, PrairieCare (Youth-Serving Organization)
  • Kirk Hughes, Hennepin Regional Poison Center (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Lauren Bul, Hennepin Regional Poison Center (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Dustin Chapman, Fairview Behavioral Services (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Donny Shope, Anthony Louis Center (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Shane Mikkelson, Osseo Police Dept. (Law Enforcement)
  • Grant Smith, Maple Grove PD (Law Enforcement)
  • LeeAnn Mortensen, North Memorial (Healthcare)
  • Lorry Day, Life Lines for Youth (Business)
  • Jen Holper, PrairieCare (Healthcare)
  • Lindsey Smith, Regional Prevention Coordinator
  • Kristin Turner, Burlington Labs (Business)
  • Lillian Abelson, Hennepin Co. Human Services & Public Health Dept. (State/Local Gov’t)
  • Amber Smith, North Memorial Partnership for Change (Healthcare)
Steering Committee Members Not in Attendance
  • Student, Action for Reaction (Youth)
  • Marie Maslowski, Maple Grove Hospital (Healthcare)
  • Jessica Wong, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Krista Brenno, Osseo High School (Schools)
Welcome & Introductions

Teresa called the meeting to order. Attendees introduced themselves and shared a concept that needs a word in the English language.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the September minutes. Motion carried.

Promoting Town Hall Meeting

Amber shared the final flyer for the Nov. 3rd town hall meeting (see flyer here) and asked the group for advertising ideas. Stacy Gallop developed the communications plan (see it here) and will draft a news release before and after the event, along with other promotional activities. Channels 12 is interested in airing a brief story about the event as well as interview a representative from PFC and local law enforcement. Channel 12 is planning on recording the entire event so we are able to post on YouTube for those who are not able to attend.

Advertising suggestions that were shared:

  • Distribute flyers at parent conferences
  • Include in school phone notifications/website/eNewsletters
  • Post on social media outlets (i.e. school principal retweet)
  • Include in law enforcement eNewsletters
  • Post flyer at local community centers
  • “Coffee with KARE”

Local church announcements (Lorry volunteered to pass flyer along to Lord of Life and Maranatha Christian Academy staff to distribute)

Marijuana Strategies, cont.

Amber provided a brief summary of previous marijuana strategy sessions. The local specifics slide was shared with the group (see here) and the emphasis on marijuana use –> seen not as harmful and parents are apathetic. One objective in our action plan is working with neighborhood watch captains to improve community reporting of suspicious activity and increase communication between community members and local law enforcement. Amber reached out to crime prevention specialists in PFC’s region to inquire about neighborhood watch groups and possible next steps. It was suggested from one specialist to look into working with multi-unit housing managers and reporting suspicious activity, particularly around marijuana use. Lindsey and Amber met with Kara from ANSR Smoke-Free Housing to get more information on their partnerships, policy language on tobacco, and if they receive questions on marijuana use.

Lindsey facilitated discussion with meeting attendees with questions (see handout here), such as is marijuana use in multi-unit housing an issue in the PFC region? It was suggested we gather more information from housing managers, crime prevention specialists, and collect local data if available (Grant suggested Hennepin County narcotics however data may not be reliable). Lillian will reach out to Ruth Tripp who may be working with cities in PFC region on smoke-free policies. The smoke-free policy (including marijuana) is not about evicting a resident; more about clean air living space and empowering tenants to report use.

Community Partner Sharing
  • 2017 coalition meetings will continue on the 2nd Tuesday from 2 – 4p. Meeting location will remain the same through June, Osseo City Hall, Community Room B.
  • Town Hall Meeting November 3rd at 6:30p at Maple Grove Community Center

Adjourned at 3:40 PM

Next Meeting is: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 2p at Osseo City Hall, Community Room B, 415 Central Ave #1 – Guest speaker, Chief Rob Reynolds from Deterra

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