Preventing Medicine Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is occurring within our communities; however, together we can reduce this problem by:

Use medications/prescriptions safely

  • Read and follow the directions as prescribed
  • Follow dose guidelines
  • Do not share medications / prescriptions with another person
  • Do not take someone else’s medication
  • Know the names of your medications and their purpose
  • If you have questions about medication use ask a doctor or pharmacist

Monitor and store medications safely

  • Keep medicines in a safe place not easily accessible by children, teens, and guests
  • Lock up medicines if necessary
  • Keep medications in original bottle or package
  • Follow storage directions as provided with the medicine
  • Keep track of doses used with prescriptions to account for missing pills

Dispose of old or unneeded medicines responsibly and safely

  • Take old or unneeded medications or drugs to medicine disposal locations (see Hennepin County Drop Box locations)
  • Leave medicines in original package/bottle
  • Do not flush medicine or place in the trash

Watch for signs of misuse and abuse and intervene if needed

  • Changes in behavior
  • Missing pills from prescriptions
  • Physical symptoms
  • Seek help if intervention is needed

Interested in learning about our medicine abuse prevention projects? Contact us for more information on how you can get involved.