School Pre-Assessment Teams

Partnership for Change worked with school partners to review pre-assessment team policies, gather learnings from Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (ASBI) and Student Assistance Teams research, and identify resources needed and possibly improvements to pre-assessment teams.

Minnesota statute 121A.26 requires that all public schools have a chemical use pre-assessment team to be able to address reports of chemical abuse problems and make recommendations for appropriate responses for individual cases.

In a related but separate vein, ASBI is an evidence-based prevention strategy that uses a screening to tool to identify possible substance abuse issues with a person and then provides some feedback or intervention to the person about their use and potential risks they face. ASBI is required in Level I Trauma Centers and is widely used in many healthcare settings.

ASBI is also used in some college settings with students who are using alcohol or other drugs. There is growing interest in seeing how the experience in healthcare and higher education can apply in K-12 education.

Partnership for Change commissioned a report from Lorry Day at Lifelines for Youth and Families about the current evidence and best practices for ASBI and student assistance teams. See the report here.

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