Rx Drugs

In recent years, medicine abuse (including prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications) has increased nationally and in northwest Hennepin County. If you want to know more about prescription drug or over-the-counter medicine abuse, how to prevent it, or simply get resources, check out these sites:

Medicine: It Cures, It Kills

A medicine abuse prevention tool, created by the Partnership for Change, September 2013.

Guidelines for Video Use:

  • Please help us track the use of this prevention tool. Please email PFC staff after showing or sharing the video with a targeted audience. Please inform us of the following:
    • Venue shown/shared in (e.g. School PTO meeting)
    • Size of audience (e.g. 40 parents)
  • Medicine: It Cures, It Kills was created for parent and adult community member audiences. It was not created as a curriculum tool for classroom use with students.
  • The video can be accessed here (or below). For a DVD copy of the video contact PFC staff.